Are the demands of leading wearing you down?

You’re a leader who is tired of feeling drained and overwhelmed by the pressures and challenges of leading today. You long to be the healthy, focused, energized leader you sense you were created to be. But you are not sure how to get there.

Two Step helps leaders thrive!

Two Step takes leaders like you on a journey of transformation. Two Step will help you...
Feel Better and Stronger
Find a healthy pace, become less hurried, and experience more peace and fulfillment.
Grow Your Skillset
Lead your organization to growth and impact.
Achieve Lasting Results
Gain clarity, increase your confidence, and experience more success.
Two Step believes the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and your organization is a healthy, focused, energized you.
When you lead from a place of clarity and well-being, you're better able to lead your organization to growth and impact.

That's why Two Step is committed to helping you beome the leader you desire to be. Sure, you ccould buy an e-course, read a book, or listen to a podcast on how to deal with the pressures and challenges of leadership, but with those options, you don’t get a guide. That’s what makes Two Step different. With Two Step you not only get high-quality resources, you also get an experienced guide who will journey with you in a personalized, tailored way so you can lead with clarity and confidence.

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I understand the pressures of leadership you face today.

For decades, I have led hundreds of people to overcome limitations and to experience exciting new opportunities in their lives. I love leaders, and I created Two Step Coaching to help you become the leader you desire to be.

I am passionate about equipping leaders like you to...

  • develop healthy rhythms
  • successfully manage the drain of leading today
  • set energizing goals that conquer their challenges
  • grow their leadership
  • build healthy teams
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Our Three Signature Modules

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You deserve so much more than just getting by...

Here's the simple process:
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Let’s get you taking your first step towards being a healthy and energized leader.
Determine Your Next Step
Decide whether Two Step's personalized solutions are for you.
Experience Health and Growth in Your Leadership and Your Life
Engage with Two Step and become the leader you desire to be.
Here's what others are saying:

Talking to Steve has been a lifeline in the week-to-week chaos of leadership. What makes Steve unique is he’s done high level organizational leadership; he has decades of experience and training on the coaching level, and then he has the whole pastor side where he asks some good soul caring questions. I really cannot recommend him enough. His coaching has been a game changer when it comes to my leadership and creating healthy rhythms in my life. 

Dave MacPhee, Sr. Associate Pastor, Vernon Alliance Churc


Thanks to Steve’s coaching and mentorship I felt empowered to finish my master’s degree in Family Law while directing a not for profit and juggling being a full-time parent to two boys with disabilities and have now enrolled into a Doctoral program. I couldn’t have done it without the excellent coaching and mentorship Steve offered me. Steve is a great choice.

Deborah Gracia, Director - Eternal Anchor, Baja California, Mexico


  Being coached by Steve has been a game changer for myself and my ministry. Through his coaching, I have been able to navigate incredibly difficult seasons in ministry as well navigate difficulties in my own life.   I am much further down the road because of his coaching and guidance than I would have been without it.

Kenan Stolz, Campus Pastor, Summit View Church 


Steve is an experienced leader who has walked the difficult road of balancing servant leadership with clear vision and outcomes. As a professional coach and mentor he brings all of that leadership acumen into developing and encouraging new leaders, or those of us who simply need encouragement or a safe place to revision. I encourage you to consider Two-Step Coaching for yourself, and for those who work with you.

Dr. David Horita, Regional Director, Fellowship Pacific

Life is too short and leading is too important to be drained and overwhelmed all the time.
Working with Two Step will energize you and bring joy back into your life and leadership.
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